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9/11: One Man's Journey

South Country Ambulance Chief of Department, Gregory Miglino, recounts his experience where he and his crew were recruited to Manhattan on the morning of September 11, 2001.

Bone Ladies

BONE LADIES: An artist's response to the end of Roe v. Wade
Artist Maggie Rose tells her deeply personal story about the sculpture she created as a protest against the US Supreme Court's recent assault on women's rights. Filmmaker Dan Preston weaves her words together with images of the sculpture, and moments of the artist speaking individual words and phrases, underscored by a haunting music track (a distorted rendering of "America the Beautiful").

The Great Connector

The story of how one of New Jersey's great nature trails came to be.
"The Great Connector" : The Story of The Lawrence Hopewell Trail showcases how local governments and big corporations can come together to create something wonderful. Twenty years ago, Ms. Eleanor Horne of Educational Testing Service and Ms. Becky Taylor of Bristol Myers Squibb conceived the idea of a nature trail connecting local communities in Mercer County, New Jersey. Since the early 2000s hundreds of thousands, (if not Millions) of people have walked, biked and hiked the trail. This 22 mile loop is nearly complete and encourages individuals to get outside, enjoy nature and connect with our fellow neighbors. This Mini Documentary serves as a testament to all the great people involved with this marvelous Non-Profit and its tremendous benefit to our community.

Ivy Grace

A woman from South Carolina makes a challenging decision following a fetal anomaly diagnosis soon after Roe v. Wade was overturned..
A Christian, Republican woman from South Carolina makes a challenging decision following a hypoplastic left heart syndrome diagnosis in a post-Roe v. Wade world.

Joseph Bonaparte

The life of Joseph Bonaparte, Napoleon's brother and his New Jersey connections.

We Deserve Better; The Kids Are All Right

This is a story of the power of Community!
White Flight in the 1970's began several decades of underfunding and consequent decay of Trenton Central High School, a once state-of-the art facility. Around 2013 Students, Teachers, and Community put their forces together and pushed against a resistant state government to release the billions of dollars available to fix or replace the building. Here is some of the drama behind their success!

The Witherspoon - Jackson Neighborhood

The Witherspoon-Jackson Neighborhood celebrates its history and community with its inaugural Welcome Weekend.
The history of the Witherspoon-Jackson neighborhood is being forgotten as time passes. The Witherspoon-Jackson Neighborhood: Keeping the History Alive helps to preserve that history while acknowledging the changes the neighborhood is going through. Through interviews and the filming of the neighborhood's inaugural Welcome Weekend in 2019, the films capture a moment in time that is indicative of a turning point for the neighborhood.