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Availability ended 6/8/2022 EDT


Availability ended 6/15/2023 EDT
He's not what you're expecting. Wear protection.
When a man complains about the child at the next table, he sparks a feud with the infant which he doesn't understand and just can't win.

Burn Your Bridges

Availability ended 6/15/2023 EDT
The casting of her life
The lines between fiction and reality begin to blur as Xavi tries to help Esther practice for the biggest audition of her life.


Availability ended 6/15/2023 EDT
When the enemy becomes your friend, you have to make a choice.
As the war starts in Ukraine, six years old Nina is sent to her grandmother's remote village. In the shack outside, Nina discovers a badly wounded Russian soldier.

The Librarian

Availability ended 6/15/2023 EDT
The Librarian
“The Librarian" short film is about how the social environment affects Mazhar's consciousness/inner world and his effort to get rid of the stuckness he is in.

Life Reborn

Availability ended 6/15/2023 EDT
This story may be true...
LUCAS (Marcel Barragán) and his daughter CLARISA (María Alexandra Sanz), recreate a wonderful trip to space as NASA crew members . Clarisa is very ill at a terminal point. The objective of this trip is to connect with a Magical Universe for her salvation, and in a great adventure, they get it!

Mystic Minnie

Availability ended 6/15/2023 EDT
The patrons of a rural Irish bar in the 50s are shocked when an American tourist reveals she is a psychic.
After stopping off at a pub on his way home from the bog, a man hears a story from the patrons about an American couple who have just left the pub. The patrons claim that the wife was psychic and tell him the tale of how she proved it.

The Neighbor's Dog

Availability ended 6/15/2023 EDT
A story of dogs and men.
Uri lives on his own, when a single mom and her young son move in next door things become very strange.


Availability ended 6/15/2023 EDT
Listen or be told, your inner voice will let you know
Love's in the air for Jane and John. But when their Inner-Voices get involved, the budding romance looks like it might falter before it even


Availability ended 6/15/2023 EDT
If you are expecting a short and simple answer don't expect it from a poet. And less on the seashore. Si estás esperando una respuesta corta y simple no la esperes de un poeta. Y menos en la orilla del mar.


Availability ended 6/15/2023 EDT
A mother sends her son for singing auditions thinking he has a wonderful voice.


Availability ended 6/15/2023 EDT
Not all relationships are black and white
Evan and Bex turn up for a counselling session, but things take a surprising turn as the real reason for the visit is uncovered.