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Scared of being eaten by a dinosaur, Spencer refuses to leave her room.
"Scared of being eaten by a dinosaur, Spencer refuses to leave her room." Dinosaur is a film about anxiety and how it can take hold of us-- even when it may seem absolutely ridiculous to the rest of the world. It's a story about friendship and overcoming the hard times when leaving the house just doesn't seem possible.

Good Session

There's a therapist for everyone
Jeff has his first therapy session. Unfortunately, the doctor may have more issues than he does.


A sweet, poignant story of two elderly women on vacation, struggling with their physical limitations while sharing memories of a life fully
Rosie and Alice are on vacation, reminiscing about the past and living life as best they can.

The Egg

Two criminals (Sally Mandreucci) (Vincent Loretta) are asked by their terminally ill cousin (Dylan Pitanza) to put him out of his misery.

The Jogger

A jog through the park reveals unimaginable horrors.
A woman jogs through the park while a mysterious man watches her every move. While trying to evade him...she discovers his appearance and motivation leads to a shocking discovery.