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A Good Place To Be

This film is produced for the Danish "Autism Center Storstrøm" to tell about their big effort to help people with autism. Autism Center Storstrøm is a special institution caring for the entire autism spectrum, and in the film we meet three very different people with autism: Bo, Christian and Nicklas.


A harrased dog is found by animal helpers near a small village in Iran, they take him to the shelter and cure his disease but soon they find out Attila the dog suffers from an infected leg. As the helpers don't want his leg to be cut off They manage to send Attila to Us via an unbelievable story.

Outside In

A teeming city laid bare and the hope for its future.
A city of over eight million crushed by a pandemic finds hope in an immigrant family’s perspective during the worst of the COVID shutdown. An immigrant recounts how he and his family survived during NYC’s historic pandemic shutdown during the spring of 2020 when 9 million people disappeared from its streets. A personal diary of an eerily empty & haunting metropolis captured while running through city streets, embalmed in a state of suspended animation. This short documentary captures the surreal experience of a teeming city laid bare and the hope for its future.